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Mid-Day Venture

Afternoon Intrigue

Dramatic Evening

Late-Night Dream

The girls of East 59th continue their foray in the world of 1950's fashion, working for one of the most high-profile agencies of the time! This capsule collection brings us some truly outstanding dolls, meticulously created to celebrate the style and elegance of 1950's New York fashion scene!

First, we discover a fabulous lineup of two exquisitely detailed dolls and a perfectly coordinated gift set inspired by retro paper doll designs and then, we finish with a gorgeous crescendo that is the IT Direct exclusive two-doll "Pink Champagne" gift set, featuring Victoire Roux modeling her friend Aurelia's latest creation on her wedding day!

Victoire Roux

Evelyn Weaverton

The world of East 59th promises to be one of the most intricate dramas created by the Integrity Toys design team. With the brand new setting of the 1950's most fashionable New York scenes, the social climbers and ambitious souls whose lives clash on EAST 59th all strive for the same things: fame and fortune!

In this first chapter of the story, we meet Evelyn Weaverton, an innocent yet sophisticated beauty and newcomer to the Big Apple, whose life is about to be turned upside down as she is discovered by Laird Drake himself, head honcho of the famous Drake Model Agency... The rest, as they say, is history!

Turquoise Sparkler

The Americano