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PRIVATE STASH- If you don't see it, I might have it (NRFB). Please ask!!

Retired Dynamite Girls & Guys Integrity Toys

I am offering my entire remaining collection of my beloved Dynamite Series. These are my personal dolls. No, I am not "quitting" my dealership...but age makes me want to find proper doll lovers to adopt my collections.

They are all NRFB in their shippers.
66011 Spooky Sooki and Cat…the original450.00
66046 Good Times Dayle City Collection150.00
66047 You Sexy Thing Jasper City Collection150.00
66048 Mighty Real Reese City Collection150.00
66049 Downtown Darling Jett Plastic Inevitable170.00
66051 Heart of Glass Aria Plastic Inevitable175.00
66053 Radiant Child Remi Plastic Inevitable335.00
66054 Heat Wave Aria Check Mates175.00
66055 Beach Bunny Sooki Check Mates190.00
66058 Hot Stuff Cruz280.00
66081 Gavin Back to Brooklyn180.00
66083 Remi Back to Brooklyn350.00
66084 Holland London Calling180.00
66085 Cruz London Calling350.00
66086 Dani London Calling180.00
66087 Kyu London Calling350.00
66089 Dayle London Calling180.00
66090 Sooky Sooki The Return IT Direct195.00
66091 Handsome Devil Damon225.00
66092 Dead in Her Tracks Dani130.00
66093 Free Spirit Jett175.00
66094 Own the Moment Aria Love Revolution200.00
66095 Natural Beauty Tooka250.00
2nd Wave 2008 Reese250.00

To offer a home to these dolls…email me at…ideas.toys@verizon.net